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The novel locker room solution provides employees in office buildings with a user-friendly solution for storing street and sportswear or even suits.
Trends & Challenges
  • Increased development towards smart buildings 
  • Lack of storage facilities for fresh clothes or sportswear in office buildings
  • Tight space constraints with increasing space requirements
Highest space efficiency

Zippsafe consists of flexible, textile lockerbags instead of rigid metal, requiring only ⅓ of the space compared to a traditional locker.

  • Achieve up to 3 times more locker capacity.
  • Save up to 70% floor space
  • Gain free space by centralizing locker rooms
Best-in-class user experience
  • User-friendliness is the main focus - the locker bags offer sufficient storage space for large items such as motorcycle helmets or handbags. Shoes can be easily stowed in the integrated shoe compartment under the seat bench
  • The integrated IT architecture enables process and cost optimization via digital access management, live monitoring, and data analysis
  • Innovations such as the Zippsafe Smartfabric or the ventilation and drying system ensure fast drying of wet clothing and improved air quality in the rooms


Product details

ZippSpace Regular More
ZippSpace Pro More

Some of our customers

  • Credit Suisse
  • Bendura Bank
  • Komax
  • HSG

New BENDURA BANK Campus with Zippsafe

Our new client, BENDURA BANK AG from Fürstentum Liechtenstein, is known for its excellent services and first-class customer orientation. The high-performance standard should not only be carried outwardly. A qualitative and user-friendly solution was also sought for equipping their employee locker rooms. Consequently, the bank opted for Zippsafe. With the equipment of the financial service provider, Zippsafe can expand further and thus serves a completely new sector: employee locker rooms in a classic office environment.

Like Zippsafe, BENDURA BANK AG is also on an expansion course and is laying a foundation for future growth with the construction of the BENDURA Campus this year. With the new building at the Gamprin-Bendern headquarters, which will be finalized in the fall of 2021, the company will create an additional 150 high-quality and modern workplaces. Customers and employees alike will enjoy an impressive entrance hall as well as a parking garage equipped with photovoltaic panels and geared towards electromobility. As part of the expansion, BENDURA also added new fitness locker rooms, which now feature four ZippSpace Pro L in impersonal mode, providing the optimal storage solution. The boutique bank wanted to offer its employees a way to store clothes - especially suits - without creasing them. Thanks to integrated clothes hanging systems, this can be done easily, as shirts and jackets can be hung up carefully. The systems can be used by employees who come to work by bike. However, jogging during lunch break is easily possible thanks to Zippsafe. To prevent unpleasant odors in the locker rooms despite sweaty clothing, Zippsafe systems have a built-in ventilation and drying system. This sucks the annoying smell of sweat out of the bag, filters bacteria and viruses in the built-in activated carbon filter, and ensures better air quality in the room. The constant air flow also speeds up the drying of wet clothes. Humidity is thus minimized and the risk of contamination and transmission of pathogens is reduced.

In addition to the improved hygiene conditions in the locker room, BENDURA BANK AG also benefits from the solution's enormous space efficiency. With Zippsafe, up to 70% of space can be saved.

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