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Locker Room Systems

The novel Swiss locker room solution utilizes flexible, textile locker bags instead of metal sheet allowing space savings of up to 70% compared to conventional lockers. Moreover, the system is intelligent and user-friendly.

Multiple trends call for space-saving and smart locker-room solutions in various industries. Changing demographics, such as a growing world population and urbanization result in space scarcity, higher square meter prices and condensed building. Moreover, due to growth, consolidations and new working models (increasing share of part-time workers), companies must fit more people in existing buildings.These developments lead to severe space problems in existing employee locker rooms. At the same time, there is a strong interest to reduce this non-value-adding space for economic reasons.

Space efficiency

Zippsafe consists of textile locker bags that flexibly adapt to the contents stowed inside. This means that even large objects such as motorcycle helmets can be stored without any problems. Only ⅓ of the space compared to the locker is required. 


  • Up to 150% increase in capacity
  • Up to 70% space saving
  • Centralisation of staff cloakrooms
User-friendly & intelligent
  • Zippsafe was developed for maximum user-friendliness and is clearly preferred by employees over space-saving alternatives such as double lockers, Z lockers or impersonal lockers
  • The integrated IT architecture enables process and cost optimization via digital access management, live monitoring and data analysis

Product details

ZippSpace Pro View product
ZippSpace Regular View product

Our features


Built-in ventilation system prevents bad smells and supports the drying


Hygienic cleaning of surfaces with water and disinfectant

Water repellent

Inner lining is made from water repellent textiles

Electronic locking

Keyless, digital lock


Built-in backup battery in case of power outage


Hangers, pockets and smart storage keep everything safe and in order

Hygienic with Zippsafe

Thanks to the ventilation system, spatial separation and easy cleaning, Zippsafe meets the highest hygiene requirements. Read more!

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  • Jelmoli
  • KSW
  • Presidio Surgery Center
  • CBRE
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Robert Bosch Krankenhaus
  • Nestlé
  • Roche
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