The Claraspital in Basel is a privately managed, highly specialized hospital and an essential part of the health care system in Basel and northwestern Switzerland. It has been in use for more than 90 years and over the years has developed into an institution that accommodates 240 beds and employs 1200 people. The Claraspital is characterized by excellent treatment and comprehensive medical expertise, which are provided with the standard of care of a private clinic. Not only the patients should feel at ease in this environment but also all employees - which is why among other things a good locker room solution should be found.


The progressive specialization and the increasing numbers of patients and consequently the rising number of treatments and employees place infrastructural and constructional demands on the Claraspital. Therefore a master plan has been developed that ideally meets the space requirements of the Claraspital. In the process of planning the new building, a space-efficient locker room solution for employees was sought. With Zippsafe the most space could be saved, which is why our solution was chosen. The installed Zippsafe systems allow more capacity to be fitted into the planned room while providing maximum user friendliness. 

Christian Bärenfaller, project lead infrastructure at the Claraspital comments on the decision as follows:

“With Zippsafe we’ve found a smart locker room solution for our new building, which optimally supports our processes in terms of space and hygiene requirements.”

Each of the installed ZippSpace Pro systems has an alarm system, a ventilation with charcoal filter, as well as an integrated bench with a lockable shoe compartment. For optimal integration of the systems into the existing infrastructure, the locker bags are equipped with digital locks. The online connection to the Kaba exos software from Dormakaba allows for a smooth integration of Zippsafe and optimizes the administration process. 

The Claraspital also decided to engage the Zippsafe team for the annual inspection service.This agreed upon maintenance ensures the efficient operation of the installation, supports the function and hygiene of the locker bags preventively and ensures continuous use for employees.


Key figures:

  • Product: ZippSpace Pro 
  • Capacity: 120 people 
  • Number of systems: 9 pcs. (6x ZS Pro L & 3x ZS Pro M) 
  • Space: 51.2 m2 
  • Functions: Dormakaba online connection