The Ostallgäu-Kaufbeuren clinics have 660 beds and 2000 employees at three locations in southern Germany. In one of these locations, the “Klinikum Kaufbeuren”, 30cm wide metal lockers were used until recently. In the course of the renovation, a locker room solution was sought that would enable the existing space to be managed more efficiently. Various solutions were evaluated and tested in a structured procedure. Zippsafe proved to be the most space-efficient and convincing solution.

By choosing Zippsafe, 445 employees of the Kaufbeuren clinic will receive their new personal locker bag. The capacity expansions in both the women's and men's changing rooms are remarkable. In an area of 67m2 200 places could be provided. For further 115 employees of the clinic as few as 35m2 were sufficient. In a second step, another 130 places will be installed. The staff of the clinic in Kaufbeuren is very pleased with the enormous capacity expansion.


"Zippsafe enabled us to achieve an unexpected increase in capacity and consequently room for further growth," says Wolfgang Unger, Technical Director of the Clinic.


In addition to the space savings, Zippsafe is known for its enhanced user-friendliness. The systems are, as it is usual with the Zippsafe solution, equipped with ventilation and a bench with integrated shoe compartment. Also the interior of the locker bag is not new in principle. The Kaufbeuren Clinic is however the first customer to benefit from our optimized small removable hanger, which further improves user-friendliness and thus increases employee satisfaction.

The installed locker room solution is a ZippSpace Regular System. Instead of the electronic access management of the ZippSpace Pro systems, classic padlocks are distributed in Kaufbeuren. Zippsafe thus proves that innovation does not necessarily have to be digital and that Zippsafe can transform changing rooms even with traditional locking systems.


Key Figures:

  • Product: ZippSpace Regular

  • Capacity: 445 employees

  • Systems: 21 ZS Regular L & 13 ZS Regular M

  • Required area: 67 m2 women/ 35m2 men