On a total of 65,000 square metres of lettable space, Switzerland's newest and second-largest shopping and leisure centre offers a mix of shops, restaurants, various leisure activities and other services such as a centre for medical services or one of the first standing indoor waves. The centre is very well connected to public transport via its own train and bus stop, but can also be reached via a motorway exit that leads directly to the car park.

To ensure that visitors can enjoy their stay in the mall as comfortably and carefree as possible, a total of seven Zippsafe self-service cloakrooms have been installed, three of them with mobile phone charging stations. To meet the highest security requirements, the lockers are equipped with an alarm system that triggers an alarm in case of attempted theft. The real-time monitoring made possible by the connectivity of the systems also provides the centre with valuable information on the frequency of the use of the cloakrooms and the length of time guests spend in them. 



Customized design

The well thought-out mall concept was also continued in the cloakroom area. The Zippsafe systems with a golden cover integrate seamlessly into their surroundings.  


Key data

Product: Zippsafe 3.4 Service

Number of systems: 7

Additional functions: charging stations, alarm system, infotainment screen