As is the case at a lot of our customer’s facilities, also in the Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe employees were faced with substantial space problems in the locker rooms. Before installing the Zippsafe systems, many different kinds of standard lockers (z-lockers, double-lockers and classical models) had been in use but in order to provide the growing staff with individual lockers, a new solution had to be found.

Two rooms were equipped with ZippSpace systems. In the ladies locker room a capacity of 90 locker bags could be installed on 31 square meters. The changing room for men is 12 square meter and holds 20 locker bags. The ZippSpace systems are equipped with an active ventilation and a bench with an integrated lockable shoe compartment. All the systems can be locked and opened with RFID cards.

The 110 locker bags that were installed in May of this year eased the capacity shortage in the locker rooms of the clinic. Because the additional places are not enough in the long-term, the current installation has been understood as a first test. Now, after successful testing, another 540 locker bags resp. 40 systems of the new ZippSpace generation were ordered for the new building “Haus M”. For the optimal locker bag management, the Zippsafe Management System will be integrated into the existing IT landscape of the customer.

"We suffer under substantial space problems in the changing rooms. After discussing various space efficient solutions, we are now convinced that there is no comparable solution on the market. The testing phase showed us that the product proves its value in real life."

Susanne Trappe-Jost, Head of Facility Management

Due to the insufficient availability of space and constructional obstacles, a standard delivery was not possible. Only individual component parts could be delivered and all 8 Zippsafe systems needed to be mounted on the spot. But the effort has been worth it - the reaction of the doctors and members of the worker’s council were exceptionally positive at the handover. The experiences during the testing phase have also proven the quality of the solution. The ordering for the new building speaks for itself.