In the beginning of December 2016, Zippsafe AG was founded. The startup, founded by two ETH students, was able to supply the start-up company with a high-caliber board of directors following a successful increase of capital. In addition to the founders, it includes Jonathan Grahm, co-founder and CCO a.I. of, Stefan Portmann, former co-owner of the fashion brand Schild and Yves von Ballmoos, former CEO & owner of Zingg-Lamprecht.

Zippsafe is pursuing their goal to increase customer satisfaction through innovative service systems for public spaces such as shopping centers or convention centers increase customer satisfaction while improving efficiency for the building owner.


Zippsafe increases the "customer experience" of the consumer.

Who doesn't know this situation? If you carry a jacket or even a bag around with you, shopping becomes uncomfortable. The solution is a mobile and modular wardrobe solution designed for clothing and carry-on luggage. "Self-service wardrobe systems will be inevitable in the near future," Carlo Loderer says, co-founder of Zippsafe AG. Especially in the current main market, the retail trade, you can see a change. The needs of customers are increasing. Just a simple collection of shops is usually no longer enough for a mall to stay competitive. The two founders recognized the increasing demands of consumers and developed the product Zippsafe. The self-service cloakroom system takes the shopping experience to a new level - making consumers feel more comfortable and stay longer.

At the beginning of November, the startup installed the world's first high-tech self-service wardrobes in Migros-Aare's national shopping centers. Usage of the system is very simple. 15 zippered bags are attached to a modular frame. The clothes are hung on pull-out hangers. Bags and rucksacks can also be conveniently stored – all of this is free. Then the Zippsafe bag is closed by a zipper and locked away using a self-selected PIN code. Thus, the clothes and bags are kept safe and comfortable shopping can begin. On the question of how the entry phase is going: "In the first two months, the number of occupancies has doubled every two weeks. Meanwhile, we have over a thousand uses per month in just one center," Co-founder David Ballagi replies.


About Zippsafe

The two ETH students David Ballagi and Carlo Loderer founded the company Zippsafe AG (formerly ATANA Engineering GmbH) in 2016 for the development of the self-service wardrobe. Zippsafe is a very practical solution for wardrobes in public areas such as department stores, convention centers, cinemas, offices and restaurants. The wardrobe system takes up much less space than lockers and is mobile, as well. The idea of Zippsafe came to the two young entrepreneurs early: "As the organizer of New Year's parties, I have noticed that a clever solution for storage of clothing and bags was missing so far. I was always dependent on the cloakroom staff and despite the service, guests were always waiting for long." Carlo Loderer explains.