Off that, over 100 Zippsafe systems are currently being produced (80 of which will be delivered by Q2) to meet demand from illustrious clients such as Kantonsspital Winterthur and the Jelmoli Store at Bahnhofstrasse Zürich. With a surface area just shy of 1000m2, the new assembly halls bring scale to Zippsafe’s current capacities, allowing for production of now up to 300 systems per quarter.



Zippsafe’s manufacturing philosophy is heavily inspired by the principles of Lean Manufacturing. It’s central tenet is to avoid wastefulness through concepts such as standardization, zero-fault-production, pull-principle and reliance on industry 4.0 tools, all of which help improve operational efficiency and product quality.




The on-site team is composed of six members and headed by David Ballagi (Co-founder and CTO, Zippsafe), who grew up Hungary and Sweden. He oversees development in Switzerland as well as manufacturing, quality assurance and delivery of the plug-and-play systems on site.