For many years we have appreciated the exchange and benefited from people in our network. Especially in the early days of our entrepreneurial work, they opened doors and supported us with valuable tips and tricks. We would like to take this opportunity and thank them for their support over the past years. At the end of last year, the idea arose to change the setup of the advisory board. It is always our goal to meet the needs of our customers and users as best as possible. Consequently, we would like to involve them more closely. We have therefore defined three different Advisory Boards and thus created a foundation to gather both strategic and practical insights from a wide range of stakeholder groups.

1) The Strategic Advisory Board benefits from people with relevant business experience and an outstanding network in our industries. It consists of Prof. Dr. Petra Joerg, Heinz Karrer, Matthias Kuratli and Prof. Dr. Urs Wälchli, all of whom with Zippsafe history, and was recently complemented by Dr. Daniel Heller and Dr. Hans C. Werner.

2) In addition, we have established a Stakeholder Advisory Board. This pool of experts represents Zippsafe's target segments and therefore our buyer community. They are typically members of the executive board, facility management, hygiene and IT departments in the (healthcare) industry.

3) Last but not least, the User Advisory Board represents our users. In order to further optimize the ZippSpace usage and increase employee satisfaction, we are constantly working on our solutions. Thanks to the constructive input of users, we ensure that our product developments match expectations.

The overall goal of this adjustment is to gather a series of consultants around our company. The three groups have been brought on board in the last few weeks and are highly motivated to support Zippsafe with their know-how and experience in the future. We would like to thank them all for their effort and are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation!