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Employee locker room

Space-saving, smart and user-friendly locker room solutions for producing industries

Urbanization, increasing square meter prices and working model changes lead to space problems in locker rooms. At the same time, workwear locker rooms occupy 2-10 percent of the usable space while being used only 8min per day on average, highly inefficient.

Trends & challenges
  • Increasing share of part-time workers, more specialist disciplines and overall company growth
  • Space is scarce while space requirements are increasing
  • Increasing complexity of legal requirements (hygiene etc.)
  • Cost- and labour-intensive processes (key management, laundry distribution, etc.)
  • Growing complexity of legal requirements, i.e. hygiene

Product details

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Zippsafe is using flexible textiles instead of hard materials, allowing to provide the same number of lockers in 1/3 of the space compared to traditional lockers.

  • Increase locker room capacity by up to 150%
  • Decrease the locker room area by up to 70%
  • Centralize and free up locker rooms for alternative usage
User-friendly & smart
  • Zippsafe is designed for highest usability and thus clearly preferred by employees over alternative space-saving solutions, for example an impersonal, double or Z-locker.
  • For its operator, the IoT enabled system offers process- and cost-optimizing services such as a digital access management, live monitoring and data analytics.


  • Bühler
  • Wista
  • CBRE
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