ZippSpace Pro

The smart employee locker room solution

Thanks to user-centric development and new technical features, the ZippSpace is the most popular locker room solution among employees and the first plug-and-play solution with digital access management.

Space-efficiency: 0.1M / employee
Capacity: 10 / 15 Compartments per system
Wide: 1.4 / 2 M
Locking: RFID reader & media

ZippSpace Pro Features

Shoe compartment & Bench

A separate shoe compartment provides more orderand hygiene, the built-in bench seat additionallyincreases the comfort. For very tight spaces shoecompartment & bench can be pushed in


An integrated ventilation system prevents the build-up and emission of odours and automatically switches to the drying mode, if damp clothes are being stored

Electronic locking

The closure of the locker bag and shoecompartment is digitally controlled via an RFID reader. This eliminates a classic key management

End-to-end connectivity

Authorizations can be managed via the Zippsafe LockerManagement System or existing access solutions.The online connection enables live monitoringand predictive services

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